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Data Scan Field Service is a who ddoes the inspections of Lease Cars for Toyata Finance. Person came to my work to inspect the car on 7/11/2012.

There are 2 indents round, size of a pin on the center of the front bumper. The indents are about 8 inches apart vertifical . At the time of the of lease the dealer told me those indents was for front tags, and I could have them drill the hole or have someone do it for me. I did not want that done, so the indents mark are there.

They are trying to say that it was not the indentation they charging me for what they call damage. The said that the body shop did not do it right. They are lying, because he put a L shap label on each indent and took a picture of the indents.

If it was the pumber, why did he not take a picture of the whole front bumper. If this is not corrected, my next step is write to BBB.

Monetary Loss: $126.

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